Wait—That’s a Real Job?! 17 of the Weirdest Jobs Out There

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17 of the Weirdest Jobs

You may be surprised to learn about these 17 out of the ordinary jobs that people actually do!

What types of people tend to go for the weirdest jobs?

People who go after out-of-the box jobs may be described as:

  • Adventurous
  • Open
  • Extroverted
  • Confident
  • Brave
  • Insane!

We dug up 17 of the weirdest jobs out there. . . .

  1. Toques (Electro-shockers): In Mexico, shocking drunk people is a job! Why? Some imbibers want to get a better buzz on—others think it sobers them up.
  2. Cuddle professional: Get paid to have platonic snuggle sessions with lonely people.
  3. Professional Mourner: The perfect job for the morbid folks or aspiring actors who can tear up on command at funerals.
  4. Chicken Sexer: How does squeezing a baby chick until it pees and then examining its genitalia sound? Pass?
  5. Professional Ear Cleaners: This is a traditional art in India—and involves exactly what the name suggests.
  6. Worm Picker: This involves some bright, early mornings of picking and packing the best worms for fisherman.
  7. Pet Food Tester: If you have a discerning palate and the desire to chew dog food, this job is for you!
  8. Body Farm Caretaker: Scientists hire people to comb for maggots on dead bodies. Fun!
  9. Roadkill Cleaner: This doesn’t really require explanation, but some cleaners even take home the corpses. For what, we didn’t ask…
  10. Vomit Collector: Somebody has to clean the vomit off amusement park rides. It could be you!
  11. Breath Odor Evaluator: Use your nose to determine when gum or toothpaste works—and unfortunately, when it doesn’t.
  12. Flatulence Smell Reducer: Help underwear companies keep the fart smell contained. For real.
  13. Portable Toilet Cleaners: If you’ve ever had to use a Porta-Potty, you’re probably not eager to send in your application.
  14. Gross Stunt Tester: Someone has to figure out which stunts create the best gross-out factor for reality shows.  Bon appetit!
  15. Head Lice Technician: This involves lice, a comb, a strong stomach, and a lot of patience.
  16. Diaper Service Worker: This dirty job requires you to clean cloth diapers. Enough said.
  17. Bacon Critic: Hey, there are actually some amazing, delicious non-traditional jobs out there!

17 of the Weirdest Jobs Out There

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Why do people pursue these wacky jobs?

  • There are many reasons to pursue an “alternative” career:
  • Possibly allowed to make your own rules
  • Escaping the boring
  • Being paid to be weird
  • Enjoying the macabre
  • Being an animal lover (or hater)
  • Following your (strange) dreams
  • Bragging rights!

What is a non-traditional job?

There are 2 ways to look at non-traditional jobs:

  1. It’s a career where one sex comprises 25% or less of the workforce. For women, an example is a taxi driver or firefighter. For men, childcare workers and librarians are non-traditional jobs
  2. An off-the-wall, crazy role that you would never imagine is actually a real job!

Are there non-traditional jobs in traditional fields?

These aren’t quite as crazy as the ones above, but they do exist!


Fortune cookie writer | Egg peeler | Gum chewer


Forensic accountant | Sports accountant | Entertainment accountant


Medical illustrator | Space psychologist | Wound-care specialist


Dog surfing coach | Manners police | Sewer guide


Leadership coach | Historical consultant | Sports coach


Traffic psychologist | Aviation psychologist | Art therapist


Meme manager | Simplicity engineer | Data storyteller


Firework designer | Snake milker | Sexologist


Ethical hacker | Crowdfunding specialist | Video game tester

Where would someone search to find these jobs?

A good place to start may be to search for “crazy” or “cool” jobs in your field. Once you find out what’s out there, you can seek out companies that employ these roles. Check out professional organizations, search company websites, investigate industry social media sites, and do some research on job boards and LinkedIn.

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