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Careers in Advertising & Public Relations


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The Advertising & Public Relations industry focuses on the relationship between a product/service and the public. It involves influencing the public’s perception of a product through the use of media, advertisements, and campaigns. Examples of jobs include Media Directors, Copy Writers, Product Promoters, and Graphic Designers. This industry is a subsector of the Professional & Business Services industry.

Most entry-level professional and managerial positions in advertising and public relations services require, at the very least, a bachelor’s degree, with broad liberal arts exposure. Experienced applicants who possess a master’s degree may fill research positions. Marketing Research is an important, yet underrated, component to both advertising and public relations. Those who excel in this area usually have a background in marketing or statistics and years of experience. In public relations, employers prefer applicants with degrees in communications, journalism, English, business, or public relations.[i]