Careers in Education

Careers in Education


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 Careers in Education can be both challenging but also highly rewarding. If you have a love for learning, and often find yourself seeking out new information, than a career in the education field may be right for you. In addition demand for qualified educators is on the rise, a trend which isn't likely to change in the near future. There are a wide range of career opportunities in this field, ranging from Preschool Teachers to College Professors, Administrators, Librarians, Special Education Teachers, and more. Additionally, workers in this industry may be employed in a variety of establishments, including colleges, public schools, training centers, and technical schools.[i]

Educational requirements for careers in education can vary by school district, position,  as well as the type of school (Charter, Private, Public etc) and range anywhere from from a High School Diploma to a Master's degree. [v] In general, having a degree could improve your opportunities for higher paying positions within Education. 

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