How to Become an Advertising & Promotions Manager

How to Become an Advertising and Promotions Manager

how to become an Advertising and Promotions Manager

The Basics of Becoming an Advertising & Promotions Manager

Are you investigating what it takes on how to become an Advertising and Promotions Manager? The main job of an Advertising Manager is to gain the public’s interest in a product or service. They are responsible for creating ad campaigns and preparing promotional material such as posters, commercials and contests.

They often plan which media to advertise in, negotiate adverting contracts, and develop budgets. Advertising and Promotions Managers run market research studies to better understand customer and market opportunities, supervise advertising and promotions staff and meet with clients to provide marketing advice.

In general, most Advertising and Promotions Managers have a bachelor’s degree in advertising, journalism, statistics, or management.[ii]

An Advertising & Promotion Manager's Salary Potential

average salary if you become an advertising and promotions manager
[ABOVE] National Mean Salary for an Advertising and Promotion Manager[iii]

Top States with the Highest Salary Averages[iv]

States Lowest 10th% Salary Highest 75th% Salary
Delaware $104,810 $172,840
New York $68,960 n/a
Colorado $63,850 $153,250
New Jersey $62,950 $141,130
Connecticut $59,930 $170,840

How Do Your Skills Stack Up?

day to day life when you become an advertising manager

As reported by O*NET, these traits are ranked as either extremely or very important to the day to day life of a Advertising and Promotions Manager [i]


What You Will Learn With an Advertising Degree?

Schools that offer a bachelors degree in advertising tend to cover basic advertising classes such as:

  • Writing for Advertising
  • Marketing Communications
  • Creative Strategies for Advertising
  • Ethics in the Media
  • Advertising Research

These degrees usually offer not just an overview of the advertising field, but areas of possible career focus such as planning and strategy, copywriting, and art direction. Students enrolled in an advertising and marketing degree program typically learn how to plan a multifaceted advertising campaign across media such as print, television, and radio. They could explore both the creative side of advertising—like copywriting, art direction, and photography—but equally important is the business end: media buying, planning and selling, legal concerns, special events management, and more.

Who are some creative people to watch in the Ad Industry?

Business Insider asked major ad agencies and significant boutiques who would rank on this list, here are a few of the people they named:

  • Jesse Haines: Head of Mobile Ads Marketing at Google, received an MBA from the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management
  • Carolyn Everson: VP of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, earned an MBA from Harvard Business School
  • Kim Luegers: Former Director of Emerging Media at Pandora, received a bachelor’s of science in business and marketing from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business
  • Jimmy Smith: Former Creative Director of Nike, earned a degree in advertising from Michigan State University

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