How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

The Basics on Becoming a Medical Transcriptionist

Are you investigating how to become a Medical Transcriptionist and what the career entails? The main Medical Transcriptionist job duties are to convert audio recordings made by healthcare professionals into written reports. These audio recordings may describe emergency room visits, operations, chart reviews as well as office visits.

As part of the transcribing process Medical Transcriptionists will also translate medical abbreviations into full form, find errors and missing information in a report, and enter medical reports into electronic health records systems.

According to O*NET, 56% of Transcriptionists have a postsecondary certificate (and more have at least some college experience). So while most Medical Transcriptionists may have earned a postsecondary education, it is not a requirement. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many employers prefer to hire those who have completed postsecondary training due to the understanding of medical terminology, anatomy and other factors required to perform the job.

Medical Transcriptionist Salary Potential

  • Lowest 10th%
  • Median
  • Highest 90th%


States with the Highest Employment Levels

New York$34,9102,700

How Do Your Skills Stack Up?

Day to day life

As reported by O*NET, these types of tasks are conducted every day in this role or are extremely important – would you feel comfortable performing these tasks as part of the day to day life of a Medical Transcriptionist?

Did You Know?

According to O*NET, here are a few interesting pieces of information:

  • 56% have a Post-Secondary Certificate, 26% have some college, but no degree, and 11% have a High School Diploma.
  • 80% of respondents said they continually or almost continually spend time sitting down.
  • 53% said they have a lot of freedom when it comes to determining tasks, priorities, and goals
  • 58% said their work week typically consists of 40 hours.

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Job information sourced from O*NET