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It’s not all about the mannequin.

A colossal, multi-faceted process drives the annual production of billions of clothing articles, shoes and accessories. Fashion is truly global, interlinking suppliers, manufacturers, and customers.

Whether they seek entry into apparel wholesale or manufacturing, or design for the mass market or the smaller boutique crowd, two-thirds of aspiring or salaried designers flock to Los Angeles and the East Coast.

By earning an online degree you can remotely explore the fashion underbelly: trend research, design process, trends, computer-aided design, merchandising and retail marketing.

More than 1 out of 4 designers are self-employed, so it is critical to also develop abilities besides creativity and sketching: Business savy, strong sales and presentation skills, and teamwork. Your marketability increases if you have studied textiles, fabrics, ornamentation and fashion trends.

"A good portfolio—a collection of examples of someone’s best work—often is the deciding factor in getting a job," according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Nevertheless, competition is stiff. Thanks to Project Runway, Americas Top Model and The Devil Wears Prada, the industry attracts so much talent that you’ll need every edge you can get.

That’s where our online degree courses come in. We’ve aggregated the best online universities, simplifying your research process. Even then, you may face a tough decision.

"A school at the top of a particular chart may not, by this indicator alone, be a perfect match for you," says the National Association of Schools of Art and Design Learn about an institution. "Talk with art and design professionals you know and respect, with recent graduates, with those who work professionally in your area of career interest. Look for matches between (a) your personality and goals, and (b) the institution's environment, approaches to learning, artistic agenda, and corporate culture."

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