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Forensics generally refers to the application of science to answer questions related to the criminal justice system. Scientific advances, such as the use of DNA to conclusively tie suspects to a crime scene, have expanded the applications of science and technology in law enforcement and private security, and have increased the demand for a variety of forensic specialists.

An online degree in Criminal Justice with a specialty in forensics may help qualify you to meet this demand. Forensic specialists include crime scene investigators, forensic toxicologists, forensic accountants who investigate fraud and embezzlement, forensic psychologists who profile offenders at-large to help police anticipate their next move, and computer forensic specialists who find and preserve digital criminal evidence.

Whether you’re currently working in science or law enforcement, or want to get started in this exciting field, you’ll find Criminal Justice programs with forensic specialties at the Certificate, Associates, Bachelors and Masters levels.

Explore the programs below that best match your interests and career goals and request more information today.

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