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Management (MSM) Program - Argosy University

Public, private, and not-for-profit organizations need individuals who are capable of diagnosing circumstances, evaluating options, and implementing plans of action. These organizations need leaders capable of managing change. Argosy University developed its Master of Science in Management program to train current managers, aspiring managers, self-employed entrepreneurs, consultants, and advisors to become just that – leaders of change.

Argosy University turned to its long history in the fields of psychology and understanding of human behavior to construct a MSM in Management program that focuses on the broader aspects of organizational dynamics such as strategy, systems, structure, and best practices. Not a traditional numbers-oriented management program, the Argosy University MSM in management program will prepare students to deal with the one aspect of an organization that plays a critical role in achieving a positive outcome – the people on the team.

The MSM in Management program will develop your interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills and teach you to frame and resolve unstructured organizational issues. The courses are rooted in theory and practical application, use case studies, projects, and research to coach you on management skills and mechanisms useful for any work environment.