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A degree in E-Business can help prepare you to enter the exciting field of online eCommerce in a variety of capacities, or help enable you to integrate e-business best-practices into your overall skill-set.

Online e-business programs typically encompass the use of the Internet for sales and marketing (e-commerce), business operations, customer service, data transfer, risk management and more. They also include technology-focused courses to equip students with hands-on knowledge of the tools they’ll need to create, maintain, and manage e-business operations.

Students earning their first business degree can find online programs that provide a solid background in business theory and practice, management, financial analysis, research and marketing and their applications to e-business. Those who currently have a Bachelor's business degree will find MBA programs with specific concentrations in e-business. Graduates at all levels are in strong demand for positions in Internet sales, marketing and advertising, information systems, human resource management and supply chain management.

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